We are a Voice for the Voiceless

Join the 521 supporters who have given $32,905.87 to help improve animals’ lives

We are a Voice for the Voiceless

Join the 521 supporters who have donated $32,905.87 to improve animals’ lives

We Rely Entirely on Donations

Our work is made possible only by the generosity of our supporters who have donated $32,905.87 to our mission.

Help us rescue more animals, find them loving homes, and make the lives of all animals better by becoming a supporter.

We Rescue Abused & Abandoned Animals

Rescuing abused and abandoned animals in South Korea is our primary purpose. Our Rescue Team is always on call to investigate suspected instances.

You can help by reporting abuse whenever you see it.

We Adopt Animals into Loving Homes

Our adoption centers in Twaegyero and Dapshimni in Seoul are designed to reduce overpopulation and promote the adoption of companion animals.

Check the animals available for adoption. Maybe one will melt your heart!

We Campaign for Animal Rights & Welfare

Our campaigns have resulted in improvements to animal protection legislation in South Korea. Under the current act, there has only been one incarceration for animal cruelty.

It was CARE who made that happen.

We Educate to Increase Awareness

We give animal welfare lectures to schools and communities all over South Korea.

We also conduct awareness campaigns, tackling a wide variety of issues such as dog meat, animal testing, factory farming, cruelty to animals, whaling, animals in captivity, and fur.

Get Involved


Donate time instead of money, it’s often more valuable!

Our volunteers do valuable work; helping at events, cleaning adoption centers and walking the dogs, and translating between English and Korean.


Become a CARE Ambassador and raise money in your community

If you have an idea for how to raise money to support our mission, start your own fundraising campaign and become part of the CARE team.

Waiting for Families

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